Box Brownies Get a Bad Rap, But We Love Them

There’s something about making box brownies that makes people think they aren’t really baking. Even I have gotten caught up in the notion. Here’s what I’ve figured out — we bake to please others. We pride ourselves on making treats that people have maybe never enjoyed before, and that entice people to sneak a second helping. And when they ask for the recipe, none of us want to say, “read the back of a box.” So we bake from scratch.

But you can bet that a few times a month my family is enjoying warm, melty double chocolate brownies from a box. Of course, I add pure almond extract to take the taste to an unexpected level, and I add a soft dusting of powdered sugar for lip-smacking goodness.

Don’t worry, I don’t bake boxed brownies for my guests or friends. Like me, I figure they bake their own. (My all-time favorite is the double chocolate version of Ghirardelli box brownies.) Besides, they can add an ingredient or two that makes their box brownies extra special for their own families like extracts, candies, flavored morsels, alcohol, and nuts.

Which is your favorite box brownie mix?


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  1. This is my favorite box too. I usually add one more egg and about a tbsp of butter and reduce the amount of oil for thicker brownies… but lately I find it too cakey and want some advice to make it turn out more chewy. Could someone help?

    1. Hi Michelle – to make the brownies chewy instead of cakey, don’t add the extra egg. The extra egg makes the brownies lighter instead of denser. Maybe don’t reduce the amount of oil either because I think the oil makes the brownies more fudgey. I hope it works! Staci

  2. I must admit that in a pinch for a quick dessert to take somewhere I usually choose the Ghiradella brownie mixes, everyone always asks “Who made the brownies, OMG they are Soooooo Good!” I can’t lie…..So say thanks and let them know they are from a box and they ultimately cannot believe it and there are 3 or 4 varieties so FUN to mix it up!!

  3. I once saw a segment on America’s Test Kitchen where they did a taste test of homemade brownies versus boxed brownies. 97% of the time (or some crazy high percentage) people chose boxed. Personally, although we have tried many, many, many brownie recipes, none really bake up to the expectations we have based on our favorite boxed mix.

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