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My favorite stories to tell have always involved food and people—sometimes they come together in one touching story like More Than a Cup of Coffee, Sweet Buenos Aires and A White Cookie Tradition. Others are compelling and heartfelt on their own like Inherited Stories and Business is Personal and others like Keeping Anna Alive will have you reaching for a Kleenex.

Do you have a memorable story to share? Let’s work together to share it with the world for years and generations to come.

Articles I’ve written for print magazines and websites:

How TV started…

I am so lucky. When I look back at everything good in my life, it can all be traced back to someone or something along the way, even when it was for purposes other than what was in front of me at the time.

While in my corporate communications job, I met Carleen Wild from (at the time) KDLT when she came to cover the company’s fiftieth anniversary. We instantly hit it off and weeks later she asked me to come to a live morning segment and talk about some of the places in South Dakota that I’d written about in my Food Network project.

The following are a few live morning segments I did with Carleen on KDLT in Sioux Falls, South Dakota: (I can no longer provide links to these episodes as KDLT is now Dakota News Now. And Carleen is off doing awesome things at Sioux River Spirits in Flandreau, SD.) We always had THE FUNNEST times on air…live at 6 a.m.! When she left the station, my friend Stacie Suedkamp from Fig Tales connected me with Brittany and Ashley from KELOLAND Living.

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