Sniffing Bags of Potatoes in the Produce Aisle 

It’s frustrating to get home and open a bag of store-bought potatoes only to find that one is so badly rotten it infected each potato it came in contact with. But you squeezed the potatoes before you chose a bag, right?

There are people who slice off the spoiled parts and use the remaining potatoes but I can’t stomach it so I throw the bad ones out. Plus I live in the country so it’s not a quick run back to the store if the situation leaves me with fewer potatoes than what I immediately need. Maybe I’m making baked potatoes so I can smash and fry the leftovers.

Or, maybe I need homemade hash browns for smoky ham and cheddar hash brown casserole or T-boys hot dog casserole.

Yesterday a lady who introduced herself as Sheila busted me sniffing a bag of potatoes in the produce aisle. She asked what it does. Not wanting to look like a crazy person sniffing vegetables, I explained. A few years ago I started smelling the potatoes before I even put a bag in my cart. There are little holes in the plastic bags and the netted bags are easy – inhale inside the bag (never put a plastic bag over your head or you will look crazy or suffocate). It should only smell like dirt. Even if you gently squeeze some of the potatoes and they seem fine, you will definitely smell if there is something rotten in the package.

It has unscientifically worked for me every time.

Sweet wishes,


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  1. or you can make some more of the best-ever ham/potato casserole like you did at Easter. I’m one of those who slice off the bad parts BUT if there are rotten, smelly ones etc they go right to compost

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