Rustic Entryway Bench Constructed with Reclaimed 100-year-old Barn Wood

entryway bench constructed of reclaimed barn wood

Remember last month when I shared photos of our new kitchen pantry built from our 100-year-old barn wood? And how I said to keep watching my blog this winter because “I have a good feeling I’ll have a post titled, “Barn-huggers Build Mudroom Bench from Storm-stricken Wood” and if I’m super lucky, “Barn-huggers Build Kitchen Island from Storm-stricken Wood?” (Update July 2022…still waiting on the kitchen island.)

All the reclaimed wood came from the same barn that was flattened by a storm in 2011.

Well, step into our new front entry! Since we got rid of our coat closet in order to build a kick-ass kitchen pantry (just look at it), we needed a creative way to use the space for our busy lifestyle (and by that I mean we are gone all the time and I don’t clean often). Jason crafted a heavily distressed and highly functional rustic entryway bench from our reclaimed barn wood. (Sorta like my family – only, heavily stressed and highly dysfunctional.)

entryway bench constructed of reclaimed barn wood

Jason left the back open to expose the pine walls. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it but it sure does keep the entryway cozy yet not too closed in.

Hang your coat and hat on one of the oil rubbed bronze hooks. To accent it further, I’m thinking about adding bronze label holders with our names above each of the open lockers.

Shove your shoes into one of the cubbies.

And when you get ready to leave, sit on the bench and tie your shoes. Notice how the edges reveal years of holding up the second level barn floor. It’s one of my favorite things about it. Jason just pointed out that he still plans to add a trim piece to finish off this bottom edge. But, I’m too excited to share this post so I’m not waiting until he gets that done.

Update July 2022. Jason constructed a washing machine and dryer platform and shelf for my sister Heidi using our reclaimed barn wood. It turned out so pretty! He made everything easily removable for instances when they need machine repairs or maintenance.

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  1. I’m so excited to make a similar bench for our mudroom! We don’t have old barn wood, but I found a local sawmill that has some older rustic looking pieces. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been searching high and low for pre-made cubbies, but this is much better!

    1. Hi Candice. This just makes my day. What a great idea to have a sawmill dig through their wood stash. I like the way you think! I’d love to see a photo of it when you are done. And let me know if you have any questions about ours – I’ll get Jason to answer for you. 🙂 Good luck! Staci

  2. Did he build this in two pieces(bench box then top cubbies) or is one continuous board running from top to floor on the dividers and ends?

    1. Hi Chrissy! The best place to look for it is on Craig’s List. Other than that, I’m not really sure. We were (unfortunately) lucky enough to have a storm flatten our barn and that’s how we reclaimed the wood. You can also ask at your local Habitat ReStore because sometimes they receive reclaimed wood. Good luck!!! Staci

  3. Wow. Love it! I have a similar bench that used to be in an old police station, but I love the idea of recycling/reusing old has such a rustic and comfy look! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. That’s awesome that you have an old bench from the station. Where do you have it in your home? My dad gave me and each of my sisters an old pew from the church he attended as a child. One sister uses it in her entryway but they are really, really long so I don’t have a spot in my house for it. Yet. 🙂

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