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Buttery Caramels and Fancy Dishes with Liz Murphy of Betty’s Antiques

Grandma Betty's Caramels Recipe

Find the key to your china hutch and dust off those fancy dishes. Unfold your table linens but leave the iron in the closet. Set the table with the good silverware, but don’t search for the polish.

With just a little effort and a few thoughtful touches, Liz Murphy is inspiring us to welcome people into our homes in a way that makes people feel special, just like Grandma Betty did for her.

Grandma Betty and Liz
Grandma Betty and Liz Murphy

In this episode of Funeral Potatoes & Wool Mittens podcast, we meet Betty’s Antiques owner, Liz Murphy from St. Paul, Minnesota. She’s walking us through her charming vintage boutique on the historic corner of Selby and Snelling Avenues, plus she shares the sweet way her grandma Betty influenced how she dresses up a table, in a non-fussy sort of way, so that we can make our guests feel special—even in our everyday living—using touches like fresh flowers and table linens, to glassware and flatware, candles, and pretty dishes.

Liz Murphy at Betty's Antiques in St. Paul
Liz Murphy at Betty’s Antiques in St. Paul, Minnesota

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We talk about an evening with Lawrence Welk, her manageable way to appreciate our fine china, what mindset we should be in when it’s time to wash the fancy dishes, plus, Liz tells us a couple of her favorite spots to each lunch and enjoy a treat near her shop, and we talk about the cookbook that her cousin put together that’s full of recipe and stories the family has of Grandma Betty—she even gives us Betty’s recipe for buttery smooth caramels.

I hope this episode inspires you to use something fancy in your everyday living and for the holidays. God bless Grandma Betty, her sweet legacy lives on through her family.

Grandma Betty’s Recipes

Grandma Betty's Caramels Recipe

In This Episode

Transcript Funeral Potatoes & Wool Mittens: Buttery Caramels and Fancy Dishes with Liz Murphy of Betty’s Antiques, Mar 30, 2024

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Thank you to Sarah Peterson from the blog Vintage Dish and Tell for introducing us. If you missed Sarah’s episode, it is S2 E9 on Dec. 1, 2023.

Sarah Peterson with cake on a cake plate
Sarah Peterson of Vintage Dish and Tell

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