Sticky Popcorn Balls for Paige

pile of homemade popcorn balls

She came. And she went. For almost one year we had the pleasure of working with this sweet, professional young lady. But as a newlywed, Paige is ready for the next chapter in her life as she moves to a new town in support of her husband’s career. Her new co-workers are lucky to have her!

I thought of the perfect treat for Paige’s farewell. She commented once that she loves popcorn balls but she doesn’t make them. I’m not crazy about popcorn in general so I haven’t made popcorn balls before, but I was up to the challenge. I was surprised at how easy these sticky popcorn balls are to make! The recipe is from Karo Syrup. Click here to view the recipe.

For another sweet and salty snack idea, try tangled caramel peanut butter corn chips.

caramel peanut butter corn chips

So Paige, here’s to you—may you settle in quickly to your new home and may you find just as much happiness as you bring to others.

Sweet wishes,


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